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Artistic Pavements of Lisbon: 5 tours

Artistic Pavements of Lisbon: 5 tours

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ISBN: 978-989-658-809-0

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For both plain white paving and artistic paving, the expertise of a paver is required for the carving and laying of stones and their arrangement in a more or less homogeneous pattern using specific techniques, although in the latter case the work is executed in accordance with a pre-established design involving the use of moulds.

These guided tours were produced with the aim of making the art of Portuguese artistic paving more widely known and disseminating information about what is part of the rich heritage of Lisbon, the city in which it was first used and developed and where there exist a number of outstanding examples.


Edição: 03.2024
Formato: 170 x 240 mm
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ISBN: 978-989-658-809-0