Caldas da Rainha. The world's oldest thermal hospital

Caldas da Rainha. The world's oldest thermal hospital

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Autor: Jorge Mangorrinha
Edição/reimpressão: 2017
Formato: 221x278x21mm
Páginas: 208
Tipo capa: Capa mole 
Editor: Caleidoscópio
ISBN: 9789896584535

Idioma: Inglês


Spas are magical territories.
From inhospitable sites, places with their own lives have flourished, where water gives benefits to the soul and the body, in a singular promenade between arrival, stay and departure. (...) The pioneering spirit and grandeur of the 15th century Caldas da Rainha hospital, both nationally and internationally, are an disputable historical truth in the assistance it provided through the use of its singular therapy (that of its waters) and its strategic political import at the national level.