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Sketch Tour Portugal EN

Sketch Tour Portugal EN

Filipa Cardoso; Mário Linhares (coords.)

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ISBN: 9789896587499
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This book brings together texts and drawings by 20 Sketchers, 10 portuguese and 10 of other countries, and 11 leading Portuguese-speaking authors. A project by the artist collective "Urban Sketchers", with the support of "Turismo de Portugal", based on the challenge for sketchers to portray Portugal and writers to report a destination, in order to inspire travel.

"The secret of travel is not about going somewhere.
It’s about opening yourself up to the unexpected:
submersing yourself in the travel experience.

In Portugal, it’s easy to be caught up
in this dance and be carried away –
the perfect antidote to weariness."

Mia Couto


Coordenação: Filipa Cardoso; Mário Linhares
Edição: 06/2022
Formato: 175 x 252 mm
Páginas: 192
Tipo capa: Capa dura
Editor: Caleidoscópio
ISBN: 978-989-658-749-9