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The East Side of Lisbon: Cultural Guide

The East Side of Lisbon: Cultural Guide

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Autor: Paula Teixeira (Coord.)
Edição/reimpressão: 2019
Formato: 140x210x15mm
Páginas: 224
Tipo capa: Capa mole 
Editor: Caleidoscópio
ISBN: 9789896585914

Idioma: Inglês


In this guide to East Lisbon, places reveal themselves in the interstices of change. In a kind of inverted chronology we travel from present time — to the extent that it is possible to record this area’s volatile and restless present in a book — to a distant era, so distant that even the Tagus’ bank was different. Manor houses near harbors, now without a river, which later became factories, after that nothing, and finally everything again, pulsating with ‘new life’; convents that later housed factory workers, and then bars and discos; farms and alleyways that became vegetable gardens, and later parks... Unlike other areas of the city, in East Lisbon a multitude of memories and times coexist. It is a palimpsest that invites you to explore. And to know is to love. At least when it comes to places. This guide focuses on the territory that goes from Santa Apolónia to Parque das Nações, crossing the parishes of São Vicente, Penha de França, Beato and Marvila. We have also welcomed incursions into neighboring areas, where continuities and relationships have taken a few authors.

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