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Architecture as Space for People

Architecture as Space for People

António Carvalho

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ISBN: 9789896581862
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António Carvalho: Architecture as Space for People emerges as a necessary book right from the first pages, supplying with information and works about a practice which has not gain the press notoriety that so far it would have deserved, despite the fact of being a small office with a limited number of built works, roughly two per year during the last thirty if we consider both large public commissions and small private ones. For all, it is possible to recognise a high level of design and construction, being always well executed despite dimensions (large or small), clients (public or private), locations (urban or rural), materials (bricks or concrete), typologies (buildings or parks), showing how the architect is confident with any work condition and how is able to imprint his own vision/idea of architecture in each commission gained.
Gennaro Postiglione

When looking at Antonio Carvalho’s works, I am touched by their quiet and unpretentious conciderateness and appropriateness. These works respect their contexts and even the minute features and values of the place, and the architect attempts to fuse these signs into the re-orchestrated entity. Characteristically, most of his commissions are renovations, additions, and extensions, which largely define the architect’s chess board and the limitations and rules of the game in advance. Arrogant designers of today always dream of personal artistic ”freedom” without realizing that in all artistic work we actually need to identify our limits.
”Strength is born of limits and it dies in freedom”, as Leonardo da Vinci perceived.


Autor: António Carvalho
Edição/reimpressão: 2017
Idioma: Inglês
Formato: 208 x 277 x 22 mm
Páginas: 208
Tipo capa: Capa dura
Editor: Caleidoscópio
ISBN: 978-989-658-186-2